Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kimberley's 2011 Dance Recital

I am amazed every year at how good Kimbereley is getting at dance. She has a true talent that comes pretty easy to her. Her dance company has invited her to dance on the comp team, but I feel like six is a little to young for that kind of pressure. Besides I'm not at a point in my life where I can deicate that much time to it. I was so proud of her this year, she was up front and center in the line up on stage. I really had a proud mommy moment. I truely enjoy watching her do something she loves to do so much. She loves dancing so much and does it all the time at then house, in the car, and just about anytime she hears music. This is her third year of dance and I hope there will be many more.

Brigham's Pre-School Graduation

Brigham had his first year of Pre-School this year. Ms Julie was his teacher and has been a great teacher. He has learned so much and loves to go to school. School was so fun for him he made friends of his own and had something he could do for him self. He has kinda been living in his big sister showdown for some time now. So it was exciting to see him be him self and brake out of his shell. After prayer and talking with friends and some teachers, we have decided to keep Brigham in Pre-school for one more year. He has such a early birthday that he could go to Kindergarten or do one more year of pre-school. We feel like one more year of pre-school would be better for him. It will prepare him for Kindergarten better and he will be one of the older kids in his class instead of the youngest. He is such a smart and talented kid. I just love him!


Nursery Rhyme, Jack and Jill went up the hill:

Getting his Diploma:

Best friend Adian:

Teacher Julie:

My little Graduate:

Brigham's Party in Utah

Arrrr there maytes, We decided to have a friend party for Brigham, before we left for Indian this year. We threw a big pirate bash it was a lot. We played pin the Treasure on the map, Pass the Hook and we had a Treasure hunt it was lots of fun. I just can't believe that Brigham is going to be five this year, time just flies. I'm excited for him to grow up and experience life. But sooo sad at the same time that's he is getting big and not need me as much anymore. I guess you can call that a Oxymoron. I love the kid so much and am so happy that heavenly father choose us to be his parents.
Happy Birthday to my sweet Brigham

Yum-Yum Birthday cake:

The Treasure Hunt:

Next clue the Front Door:

Next clue Fire Higrent:

Last clue the Cement Pipes:

We found it:

Dan showing the loot:

Make a wish:

Present Time:


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

This year for easter Dan was not able to be with us because of work. So we started easter weekend early. We took the kids to see Rio which by the way is a very cute movie. After that we went up to dan's moms house for dinner and some egg coloring. It was kinda weird and sad to not have dan with us at church and to see the kids in there new Easter outfits. SO knowing that dan was not going to be here we did Easter baskets early. We gave the kids their baskets on tuesday night. My kids know that the baskets come from us. Which dose not bother me because we do not celebrate Easter for the Easter bunny and eggs. We celebrate it for the resurrection of our Heavenly father and the suffering he went thought for us. So we might be with him and our families eternally one day. I'm am so grateful for the atonement and what it means to me. There were some firsts for us this year one having Dan gone and Brayden getting to go on the Easter egg hunt this year. He still did not know what to really do but he had a great time. I also loved the kids outfits this year we all matched wearing turquoise and kaki colors. Other then not having my hubby here it was a good Easter. I love my family so much and am so grateful to be able to be a mom and a wife.

Brayden trying to eat his egg...

Brayden Shooting the pop gun...

Dan and kids with great grandma Stucki...

Easter Baskets...

Kids all dressed up for Easter Morning Church...

On Easter Sunday we went up to Dan's moms house for dinner and a egg hunt. It was good to see that side of the family. I feel so lucky that I get along with is family so well. And that they love me enough to invite me to diner even know Dan was not there with us. The picture is of Brayden and great grandma Stucki...

The Easter Egg Hunt...

YAY...Look what I found